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My new project!

2009-08-11 02:16:34 by Baylixx


It's been a while but I have decided to start making flash projects again. After my attempt at a flash game i thought it would be smart to learn a bit about the script I will be using, And I haven't. But I have yet again started to build my own game, But not alone this time around. I have recruited a friend who has discussed my goals and we are now working on it. We are both learning the script, But I am taking a more 'graphic' lean towards this project while he is more of the developer.

But that's not the complete reason for this post, The real reason is about my actual project witch I am working now as you are reading. It's a flash witch I hope to make into a series of videos for you all to enjoy and watch. It's based around a character I drew up during my 'graphics' class and ended up naming him Dr. Megabyte, Using him as a character I am going to make an introduction flash to introduce my new series and hopefully get some people to stay tuned. This time i hope to stick with the project.

Thanks for reading, And I hope you all enjoy my newest addition to Newgrounds when it's complete.


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2009-08-25 15:51:34

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2011-01-12 10:47:42

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2012-01-03 06:20:38

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