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Multitask Multitask

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Good, Nice Work!

This game is a great Brainteaser, I couldn't survive playing this when the green squares showed up. I got about 58 points. I'm probably terrible at this game but It is defiantly hard when you have to do three or more things at the one time, It's defiantly a good game to play to keep you sharp and on your toes. 5/5

The images and overall look is actually quite nice, Its plain and simple witch makes it look nice and clean, In this case the simple images and backgrounds made it look very appealing to me. Another Great aspect to the game. Good work. 5/5

Nice, It seems to suit the game, The past passed beat keeps the mind going and the blood pumping, Keeping you on your toes while you play. Another great aspect! Apart from game related reasons it's catchy : )
Score: 5/5

I can't really say much bad about the difficulty, It's like you said, Challenging. And if thats what you were aiming for then that's pretty much spot on. Also, The fact you made it in a week. It's pretty good, Well, I like it.

Hope you enjoyed reading through my thoughts! Keep up the good work.

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IcyLime responds:

Thanks a lot!